Living the dream: A letter from my apartment building.

OK, I know sports is right there in the title of the website, but I thought you may want to see this brutally honest letter posted in the apartment building I occupy.

To be fair, I haven’t seen any “large rodents” but the small mouse I am sharing my room with puts the phrase “quite as a mouse” to shame. I woke up last night to it going to town on something under my toaster oven . It WOKE ME UP. Now, If I wasn’t paying $295 with internet and utilities covered, I would probably be very upset. Since the price falls under “you get what you pay for,” I guess I’ll just name it.

Did I say name it? I meant “maim it,” If I can hit the thing with my shoe. It’s so fast!

I love that the solution is to write a letter.  It seems that the “new management” of the building is really fond of letters, but you would think being so fond of written communication they would invest in some stationary or something.

Just a thought.
Sports related post coming soon!



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