Saturday Sports Dump

Every Saturday morning you can find a hodgepodge of the thoughts rattling around in my head on some of the hot topics in the world of sports.


Have to start with a shout out to the Wayne State Warriors playing in the D-II National Championship game later this morning (11am ESPN2 or The Warriors are a great example of why the NCAA fears a playoff in division I, (outside of them making boatloads of money the way its set up now) can you imagine what would happen if a team who wasn’t necessarily ranked arbitrarily No. 1 or 2 in the standings got a shot at winning a championship!?  (see every other sport) Anyway, certainly like a hot Warriors team to take Pittsburg State.

By the way, Pitt State’s nickname is the Gorillas, as in Magilla?


Detroit and Oakland will play in the “Blackhole” on Sunday at 4pm. I know attitude is everything, but is that ugly green baseball stadium really all that frightening? Sure there are a ton of men in make up, but let’s be honest; the most frightening thing in that Stadium are the rats I suspect roam the halls. IRONIC ALERT: The Team Al Davis overpaid for plays in the same stadium Moneyball started in.

Lions by a TD: 31-24


Jimmy Howard needs some love. I don’t care if he goes to the All Star game, but to not put him on the ballot is downright silly.  To be fair, fans in Detroit really aren’t giving him his due anyway…


I’ll watch when the league  lets the team in Washington be the “Bullets” again. If someone offs themselves while watching the NBA it won’t be because the team in Washington is nicknamed after a weapon, it will be because they root for a team in a small market.

best regards,

Fringe fan you didn’t even attempt to reach out to during your lock out that didn’t change a thing.


Tigers vs. Mud Hens!? IN TOLEDO? Awesome! Go Hens! (they pay some bills but if the Tigers are reading this, I’m all ears) Most interesting to see what team Brandon Inge strikes out for….Though he showed some BIG power over the left field fence at 5/3.




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