Buckeye Bowl Ban

The Columbus Dispatch is reporting the Ohio State Buckeyes have been handed down a bowl ban from the NCAA, and have been stripped of four more scholarships over the next three years. That also means the Buckeyes are out of the running for the BCS Title game as well as the Big Ten Title game in 2012.

New head coach Urban Meyer was aware of the possibility of further sanctions against his new team when he took the job.

“I just did a lot of research” before he took the job, Meyer said on Monday. “I contacted people outside of Ohio State before I accepted the position, some trusted people I have within the NCAA and other people that dealt directly with the NCAA,” he told the Dispatch.

What does this really mean? In 2012 the Buckeyes will only have one thing on their yearly checklist to play for, and it outranks all that other stuff any way.

The Michigan game will be the bowl game, the title game, and the Michigan game all rolled into one for the Buckeyes. That could make things interesting, in a year where OSU will have a less than team talent wise next season anyway.

What do you think? Is the bowl ban good or bad for next years Michigan/Ohio State game? Comment below, or Tweet me @R_Larimoresays



2 responses to “Buckeye Bowl Ban

  1. I think this will be a motivating factor for OSU, but will ultimately hinder the match-up. What often makes Michigan v OSU games epic is what is at stake. With OSU out of contention for the Big 10 title or any other bowl game, there is no opportunity for significance of the results for OSU except to beat Michigan, which of course is big, but not epic without other consequences. Still the best rivalry out there though and the biggest game of the year for Michigan and OSU fans. Go Blue!

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