UPDATED: Complete with conspiracy theory! MNF Blackout


UPDATE: I run a show overnights called “Coast to Coast AM” and if you’ve ever caught this program, then you know it is chalk full of conspiracy theories. Well the Pittsburgh Steeler Ryan Clark must be a fan of this show, because he has a theory of his own.

“I just feel like San Francisco took a big stage to show the NFL and to show the state of California that they needed a new stadium,” said Clark to the San Francisco Chronicle.  “I think it was a very strategic move and Candlestick may be no more very soon

It really makes you think….

The 49ers were lights out on Monday Night Football.

OK, got that out of the system, but It was interesting to turn on ESPN last night and find that the lights had turned off at a football stadium called Candlestick Park (kind of shocked it doesn’t happen more often, actually).  The
problem itself doesn’t sound all that bad. The powers out, no big deal….just wait for it to come back on…. But ESPN wasn’t going to settle for “no big deal.”

Cue the Crisis coverage! Cue the somber tone from Chris Berman! Cue the speculation!

Maybe I’m wrong, but that seemed a little bit over dramatic.

I know you now have to fill up airtime and I guess I was entertained watching the crew spend a few minutes turning a blown transformer up into the threat of the stadium splitting in half and filling with lava.

It just seemed a little over the top. Everybody Scream & Panic Now?


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