Was the Kronwall hit on Kesler legal?

UPDATE: Kronwall will not face disciplinary action from the league according to this article by Helene St. James of  the Detroit Free Press.  If you’re wondering why, I think the reason I gave below in the “opinion” portion of this piece is about it.  If you were Kronwall would you change your game if you constantly got away with the hit?



Nik Kronwall  leveled Ryan Kesler early in the third period on Wednesday night, and it seems there is always division on whether or not the way Kronwall hits is legal or not.

Here is a replay of the hit.

From the NHL rulebook.

42.1 Charging – A minor or major penalty shall be imposed on a player who skates or jumps into, or charges an opponent in any manner.

Charging shall mean the actions of a player who, as a result of distance traveled, shall violently check an opponent in any manner. A “charge” may be the result of a check into the boards, into the goal frame or in open ice.

Here’s what you think:

Warning: Opinion Below

Here is the thing, it looks just like every other Kronwalling I have ever seen. Plain and simple, he left his feet. Kronwall seems to be able to leave his feet and get away with it, time after time. The argument I always hear is: “he leaves his feet because of the contact and not before it.”

You know what? He got away with it again. I don’t think it’s a travesty that he gets away with it, because frankly when he’s on the ice, you should see it coming. At risk of sounding like Teemu Selanne, Eventually he’s going to get pegged with a fine or suspension or a player( I bet Kesler puts that hit in the memory bank) will take exception.

All you can chalk it up as is a missed penalty call.

There was talk after the game of Kronwall hearing from Shannahan about the hit, but I don’t see a suspend-able offense here. He didn’t make contact with the head, Kesler is obviously fine because he said the reason he targeted Zetterberg’s knee was because he couldn’t fight Kronwall.


Think I’m nuts? let me know below


2 responses to “Was the Kronwall hit on Kesler legal?

  1. Agreed. Maybe doesn’t look so clean when first watching it, but it was. Kronwall’s hits are menicingly clean… They look so dirty but are never targeted at the head. Good, clean, big, hit.

  2. In my opinion Kesler should get the phone call because he openly said he targeted another player and attempted a hit that is known to cause injury.

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