Lions vs. Packers: What just happened?

First things first, I still believe everything I said before the Packers game in this podcast.

The Lions fan base has to stop knee jerking to every individual game performance. It’s a bad habit and it stems from the Matt Millen era. That’s not to say there is nothing to take out of Sunday’s University of Toledo-esque scoring bonanza, but there is a reason you play 16 games, and not just one. Before you continue on reading, take a deep breath and remember they are 10-6 and heading into the playoffs.


The Lions have exercised a lot of demons over the last year and a half, but Tim Tebow himself couldn’t pray away the curse of the Lions at Lambeau Field.


What can I say, Jim Joyce watched the Lions on Sunday and he even said the officiating sucked. Yep, it was a touchdown and yes it ended up counting huge in the end, but there is plenty more to panic about. Also, there is not a new rule where the 3rd quarter lasts until the last two minutes of the game. Lions actually remained reasonably poised on the field among the firestorm of awful that was the referees. Schwartz had every right to be enraged, but rules are rules when it comes to how many challenges you get.

The defense is better than it looked on Sunday

Not much better. Not enough to not be worried but with all the Pro Bowl talent missing from the Packers it seems the Lions inactive list got overlooked a little bit. Corey Williams, Aaron Berry, and Louis Delmas are pretty significant guys to not have in the line up. Granted, I am not saying their return is promised for the playoffs or that there will be a dramatic improvement upon their return. No excuses for a back up QB shredding you like that, but it does happen late in the year occasionally and this was little more than a glorified exhibition game anyhow.

The injuries in the secondary have proven a steep drop-off in talent after the already only mediocre starters. IF the Lions are going to have a chance against New Orleans, the’ll need health, and they’ll need it fast.

The Lions defense doesn’t have to be good, it just has to be good enough!

The good, the bad, the Alphonso Smith

Alphonso Smith proved when he is having an off day, he does it big. He had that INT, but outside of that made playing corner look like rocket science. He has played some very good games for the Lions over the last couple of seasons too, but obviously the bad outshines the good and we’ll remember him for the New England game and the Green Bay game .

The Bright Side
Stunningly, in this years version of the playoffs a Swiss cheese-like defense is a common denominator among most of the teams in the tournament. Green Bay, New Orleans, Detroit, and New England are all in the bottom of the league in team defense and also in the playoffs

Biggest reason the Lions could win any playoff game?

Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson. Stafford has been that good when he’s not wearing gloves/having broken digits. If the Lions can stay composed (it sounds easy, right?) they can compete in a shoot out with any team in these playoffs and by the looks of it, any given game the Lions are in could be just that. The other receivers the Lions have can thank Calvin for the numbers they’ve put up. Titus Young is a guy who should get more attention than he’s getting, but teams can’t when Calvin is on the field.


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