ESPN: Bring Your Kids!

When you read this column by John Canzano, I know some of you won’t care that ESPN bought exclusivity and if they were really using it the way they ought to, then maybe I wouldn’t have as much a problem with it either.

A lot of people look to ESPN as their number one source of sports news, which is understandable because it is easily accessed and it has all those characters you love so much. I also understand part of ESPN’s job is entertainment and I am not knocking their presentation. Like the column says, there are still a few good journalists left there but most have gone to other places. However, it does bother me when a professional (not a journalist I guess) like Kirk Heirbstreet has his kids there.

Make no mistake, what I do on this website isn’t exactly journalism either, but as a journalism major I do value things like integrity and facts…Kirk Heirbstreet may not be a journalist, but I thought he was a professional….Bringing your kids to a practice and letting them play with the players has got to be the least professional thing I’ve ever heard of in my short time in the media.

Some of it is sour grapes because ESPN got to stay, but he has a legitimate gripe about how the weekend worked out for journalists compared to ESPN employees.


Again, here is the column:


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