To beat Giants, Falcons must be in ‘Cruz’ control

A look at the OTHER NFC Wildcard playoff, thanks to


I’m only going to say one thing regarding this whole “ESPN New York vs. the City of Atlanta” thing that happened today with writer Rob Parker bashing Atlanta fans.

The article that has been placed at the top of every Atlanta sports fan’s bulletin board was done entirely to get you to click on the link and get cheap page views. He wanted to enrage you enough to read the article and leave a comment. Nothing more, nothing less. He can say he stands behind what he said, but there are holes all over the emotional piece he wrote, and we all know the Falcons and their fans deserve a victory Sunday as much as the Giants and their fans do.

He doesn’t really believe what he said. But you clicked on the link and read his story, and I’m willing to guarantee you’ve never done that with a Rob…

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