Tulloch Back for Five More

Tulloch back for five years

Numerous reports that Stephen Tulloch has signed back with the Detroit Lions for 5 more years. No factual numbers are out on the deal, but regardless of the numbers the Lions are bringing back 21 of 22 starters in 2012. Tulloch seals up the starting linebackers, but it probably also means the end of MAJOR off season additions not coming through the draft.

Mayhew (and the players) managed a difficult cap situation heading into free agency and came out with most of the same talent he started with. That’s a success with the Lions situation, believe it or not. Sure, there are still holes. BIG holes.  Holes you can now focus on using the draft to fill for the long term.  Offensive line and the secondary will HOPEFULLY be taking priority in next months draft. Running back is a hole too, but nobody knows how big it is.

The Lions weren’t exactly a success in the playoffs and didn’t add any different players, how are they going to get better?

Fair question. Jim Schwartz has been learning how to be a head coach, while in the process of the Lions learning how to win. Last year the team got into the playoffs on talent alone and often in spite of stupid penalties, dropped passes, and miscues on defense.

In 2012 Schwartz and his staff have to show that they developed these guys, the staff has to show that they tapped into that potential and turned it into productivity. It’s hard around here to demand more from a coach that got this franchise to the playoffs after years of futility, but without adding better players, you’re counting on the coaching staff to make the players better.


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