Slow sports day!

I am not a movie critic.

That being said I just got done with the cinematic genius that was the movie “Goon,” and I suggest it to any and everybody.

I was a little nervous when I heard Stiffler (Sean William Scott) was in this movie, but after a handful of my friends had seen it and praised it as a great movie I thought it was time to give it a shot.

It’s an hour and a half long, which is perfect for a guy like me, who doesn’t want to give movies much longer than that.

The movie is true to the game of hockey, and especially to the role of enforcer, and almost more important than that, it’s super entertaining. The camera work and lighting felt like you were at a real hockey rink, it doesn’t get all “Mighty Ducks” with odd spot lights and unrealistic hockey sequences. The fighting camera work is great too, because you feel like you are right there in the fight.

If coarse language doesn’t offend you, there are some really good one-liners.

There is enough movie in there to entertain a non-hockey fan and enough inside hockey stuff to entertain the die-hards. Tell a friend about this movie, and I suggest you watch it tonight (its ON-DEMAND) before it hits theaters tomorrow.


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