Nick Fairley Pulls a Mikel Leshoure

OK, so the Lions are apparently not a team full of players who learn from other people’s mistakes. Nick Fairley was arrested TODAY at 12:40pm. A day after it was found out that his Lions teammate had been arrested twice in 23 days for the same thing.

In the off season I said the Lions biggest improvement would come from the maturing process. Obviously they still have some growing up to do as individuals and I am more than certain this will be the case when they take the field in August.

I know driving can be stressful, but driving around with an illegal substance is probably one of the dumbest mistakes people make on a day to day basis.  Weed is illegal, but if you do choose to smoke it (and this goes for everybody, including pro athletes) is driving around with it really the best idea? If Fairley, Derrick Nix or Mikel Leshoure had just decided to smoke in their basement, nobody would ever know!

IT IS ILLEGAL, and ESPECIALLY as an athlete, an unnecessary risk to take.


By the way, don’t let them off the hook with “young and dumb.” Yes people make mistakes but for goodness sake I am 22 and I know what a bad idea sounds like.
From WKRG in Mobile, AL:  “Former Auburn defensive tackle Nick Fairley is use to running over quarterbacks on the field. Now he has run into trouble off the field.

Mobile police arrested Fairley on Morningside Drive at 12:40 p.m.

Police got a tip that Fairley was in possession of marijuana. They stopped the car around the corner from his mother’s house and found marijuana in the vehicle.

Fairley was booked into Metro Jail and charged with possession of marijuana 2nd. He bonded out just before 3:00 p.m.

Fairley graduated from Williamson High School and then played at Auburn where he won a BCS Championship in 2011. He was drafted in the first round by the Detroit Lions.”


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