End of the Year Top 10 List of Doom

What am I counting down? WHAT EVER I WANT TO COUNTDOWN!

10. The Lions Madden Controller was cute, but I couldn’t laugh at it because it misspelled “Weird” as w-i-e-r-d. I understand the “I” before “E” except after “C” should have come into play with this one, but it didn’t.

9. Tim Tebow and the New York Jets… Read: Back-up/3rd string QB and the second fiddle major market team or Publicity Stunt and the Guy who has a foot fetish.

8.Clear Channel is to Radio what Hostess is to the Twinkie.

7.Tomas Holmstrom still hasn’t announced his retirement.

6. Calvin Johnson’s record (Formerly Jerry Rice’s) should be no less respected than Barry’s. Hearing Detroit sports radio callers say it was easier made me wish Clear Channel owned both sports stations in town.

5.When the NHL returns it will be without Nick Lidstrom and you’re still mad he won’t take a hometown discount. Think we can convince him to be motivated play 50 some odd games?

4. Maybe I’ll just take a knee here.

3. Will the NHL or Fiscal Cliff get solved? Which do you think happens first?

2. The Ilitches are still filthy rich. Detroit and its government are just lousy at running a city. (duh)

1. The USA and Canada play Sunday Morning at 4:30am EST on NHL Network and NHL.com, and I plan to wake up/ stay up to watch. Your move lock-out.

0. That’s how many more Piston games I am going to watch this year.


The Results Are In…

Ya, ya.

I am on again off again with this sports-blog thing.


This isn’t going to be a post where I proclaim that Miguel Cabrera was the right or wrong choice.

Miguel Cabrera is the American League MVP and a lot of people aren’t happy. If you’re one of  ’em?  Deal with it.

I have a problem with the way we Americans seem to be doing things lately; whether it be elections, American idol, or picking MVPs in sports.

Why can’t we just let the debate be settled when the results are in?

I don’t need you to be happy with the choice, but stop trying to discredit the choice after it’s already been made. Prior to the election, vote, or game; debate the merits, skills, flaws– whatever — to your heart’s content. THAT’S rational.

When it’s over, it is over. Accept it. Move on.

It’s like when Michigan and Michigan State play. The day after the game there are people with the audacity to debate the results. Why even play the game if nobody on the other side ever has to eat the humble pie?

Back to baseball, There is not going to be a recount to re-decide the MVP. You made your case (a damn good case) for Mike Trout leading up to the vote.  The people who decide that award, decided something different from your opinion. You guessed it! Move on!

“Shaggy” Matt Culbreath, a good friend of mine, suggested perhaps Angels fans would consider a petition to secede from the American League… but I don’t think the Angels could hack it as their own  independent  baseball league.

Eldred, Lightening in a Bottle?

Most of us didn’t think the Tigers would have problems hitting the ball this season, but even teams destined for greatness go through a dry spell once in a while. Not to mention a few questionable line up choices that I won’t mention.

Honestly, I try not to tout minor league prospects, working for the Mud Hens gives me a chance to see these guys everyday, but it also gives me an inflated idea of what these guys might be able to do.

This is a different case, because what this guy is doing is undeniably impressive, even at the minor league level.

So for a little offensive boost, I present to you the 31-year-old minor league phenom that is Brad Eldred.

No, I am not the first to bring up his name, but look at what this guy is doing!

Current Stats for Brad Eldred:

Avg    G   AB  R   H  HR  RBI  SO  OBP     SLG      OPS

.390  19  77  22  30 12    24    20  .442  1.000 1.442

Best Case/Worst case

The problem is that he is pretty much only a DH, so there isn’t really a spot to put him, but there are enough struggles in the line up that you could justify sitting somebody under the reason of “drastic times.”This is by no means a permanent fix!

Nobody should be worried about losing their spot on the roster to this guy long term.

Best case scenario is he comes up, hits like he has been in the minors for a week or two, and relieve a little pressure from the Tigers’ big bats. Guys get going  a little bit, Eldred cools off and you send him back down.

Worst case scenario is that he comes up and doesn’t hit in his first few at bats….So you send him back down.

Look up his history if you want, you won’t be impressed. It wouldn’t be a long term move anyhow, but he is seeing the baseball like it’s a beach ball in the bleachers at the old Tiger Stadium right now. Why not take a shot? What’s the worst that could happen, him hit .100?

By the way, he hit ANOTHER home run today. So make that 13 HRs in 20 games.

Check Up!

As many will tell you, I am not a doctor, but here is a quick check up on Detroit sports.


Opening day is Thursday already!?  It’s easy to get excited about the new look Detroit Tigers. The bats? The starting pitching? Heck even the bullpen looks poised to be improved.

Drew Smyly  has been named the Tigers’ fifth starter out of spring training after finally beating out Duane Below (Be-low) for the spot left open when the Tigers decided not to bring back Brad Penny (who went 11-11 and I contend did an adequate  job).  It is my prediction that he will not hold onto it for very long, though I am certainly OK with him getting the chance. It’s obvious to me whomever is in the fifth spot is just keeping the seat warm for Jacob Turner anyhow, but before you see Turner, I think you’ll see Below there.

It was also mentioned today, unfortunately not in the form of an April Fools day joke, that Brandon Inge could start the season on the DL. Inge has been out the last few days with a groin injury, which is ironic because a blunt force groin injury is exactly what it would feel like to a player replaced on the Tigers’ roster by Inge, if that in fact does happen. Inge is the serial killer in those slasher movies that will just not go away, or the Undertaker popping up when you think he’s down for the count.  Either way its a nightmare.


While I openly admit that I haven’t sat and watched an entire Pistons game this season, I have been flipping over a lot more lately and I have to admit I like what I am seeing. I thought the season was going to be a complete disaster but it appears maybe, just maybe, Joe Dumars has a finger closer to the pulse of this team than we thought.

It’s clear to me that Tayshaun Prince needs to be the first one out the door at season’s end because he is not interested in the team.

Lot’s of talk about the Pistons playing themselves out of lottery balls, but I think they did the right thing by putting effort into this season, even if it did hurt their draft standing. When you have a team that is young like the Pistons are, asking them to tank is a good way to poison whatever future a player might have.

A very rare kudos from me to the Pistons.

Red Wings

Friday was a disaster, but Sunday’s victory over the Florida Panthers put the Wings fate back in their own hands. With three games to go the Red Wings lead Nashville by one point and Chicago by two (all three with the same amount of games remaining). That’s the good news.

The bad news is the sixth defenseman spot seems to be up for grabs, even after the position appeared to be filled when the Red Wings acquired Kyle Quincey for a first round pick at the deadline.  Quincey didn’t do himself any favors by getting called for a 5-minute charging penalty and a game misconduct on Sunday either. The hit could also draw a suspension from the league, which would give Kindl at least one more game to try and impress his way into a starting gig in the playoffs. Quincey is presumably the favorite to start on the third pairing when the playoffs start, but with the recent benching of “presumed starters” its hard to say anything is for sure.

Nothing to do with the Red Wings, but the Flyers and Penguins are on a collision course for the first round of the playoffs and things just got more interesting. Also, they still have one more to play!


Detroit Lions

Still dominating headlines and they haven’t played a a game since January. We long wondered what a winning football team would be like in the age of constant media coverage, and this is our answer. The Draft is coming up, but for once the Lions are too far to really venture a guess at a pick. This should be a year where they draft by need and not best player available, with focus on filling holes in the secondary, and freshening up that O-line.

Prince Fielder


Not that Press conferences are ever the place to go to get real answers to hard hitting questions, but today’s press conference was a rough listen. I wasn’t looking for Prince to be grilled or anything like that, but I thought he’d get a few more serious questions.

Also, it was apparent who was out of place at that press conference.

Salary Cap? Can Jayden say something? Asking Dombroski a line up question?

There are some good sports reporters in this town that are also women, but those were none of them.

Not that the men did much better, though one of the better questions did have Lynn Henning calling Prince Fielder “husky” which I thought only applied to fat  eight year-old children.

Just Prince Fielder

Most of what has to be said about Prince Fielder  has been said about Prince Fielder. I’m not worried about his 9 year deal, I’m not worried about all the money he’ll make, and I am not worried about Miguel Cabrera playing third base. What I am MOST not worried about is Prince’s relationship with his dad. It’s nice that Prince grew up here, I know he hit home runs into the upper deck at Tiger Stadium when he was 12,  but truth be told I don’t care about any of that. I like Prince fielder coming to Detroit because he is a great hitter.

If I were the guy who needed a great feature story on those two, I would be digging there too.

But I’m not, so I don’t care.

Saturday Sports Dump

Every Saturday morning you can find a hodgepodge of the thoughts rattling around in my head on some of the hot topics in the world of sports.


Have to start with a shout out to the Wayne State Warriors playing in the D-II National Championship game later this morning (11am ESPN2 or WatchESPN.com). The Warriors are a great example of why the NCAA fears a playoff in division I, (outside of them making boatloads of money the way its set up now) can you imagine what would happen if a team who wasn’t necessarily ranked arbitrarily No. 1 or 2 in the standings got a shot at winning a championship!?  (see every other sport) Anyway, certainly like a hot Warriors team to take Pittsburg State.

By the way, Pitt State’s nickname is the Gorillas, as in Magilla?


Detroit and Oakland will play in the “Blackhole” on Sunday at 4pm. I know attitude is everything, but is that ugly green baseball stadium really all that frightening? Sure there are a ton of men in make up, but let’s be honest; the most frightening thing in that Stadium are the rats I suspect roam the halls. IRONIC ALERT: The Team Al Davis overpaid for plays in the same stadium Moneyball started in.

Lions by a TD: 31-24


Jimmy Howard needs some love. I don’t care if he goes to the All Star game, but to not put him on the ballot is downright silly.  To be fair, fans in Detroit really aren’t giving him his due anyway…


I’ll watch when the league  lets the team in Washington be the “Bullets” again. If someone offs themselves while watching the NBA it won’t be because the team in Washington is nicknamed after a weapon, it will be because they root for a team in a small market.

best regards,

Fringe fan you didn’t even attempt to reach out to during your lock out that didn’t change a thing.


Tigers vs. Mud Hens!? IN TOLEDO? Awesome! Go Hens! (they pay some bills but if the Tigers are reading this, I’m all ears) Most interesting to see what team Brandon Inge strikes out for….Though he showed some BIG power over the left field fence at 5/3.