B1G to add Maryland and Rutgers

Like a lot of people, I see this simply as a money grab and a way to extend the B1G into the mass media markets on the East Coast.

I’m sure traditionalists will but up in arms about this move, because (and even I can see this) Maryland and Rutgers are just not up to the caliber of most B1G schools on a lot of levels.

This is the new college athletics landscape and it’ll take some getting used to… but my initial reaction, like many of you is:  “Meh.”

It’s not making what is currently a weak incarnation of the conference any more strong, but it could help in recruiting east coast talent both for Rutgers and Maryland, thanks to an improved competition level, and on a conference level thanks to exposure via the Big Ten Network and visiting schools.


BreslinSports Sugar Bowl preview

Here is a great preview of tonight’s Sugar Bowl between Michigan and Virginia Tech. This is an odd bowl game (especially a BCS) in my opinion because its a battle of teams that nobody is really quite sure about. Sadly enough Michigan has the advantage because they have a kicker. Tech has suspended its top two. Look for a funny score in this one, My prediction 41-32. Michigan never really sold me as a BCS team and I watched almost all of their games. Hate to say it but this should have been a lesser bowl.

Check out this preview at BreslinSport.com


We have ourselves a dandy of a ballgame tonight, when the 2012 edition of the Allstate Sugar Bowl kicks off. Two teams that got to New Orleans with a little bit of controversy will try to end their season on a high note with a BCS victory.

More:See the other bowl games

No. 11 Virginia Tech Hokies (11-2, 7-1 ACC) vs. No. 13 Michigan Wolverines (10-2, 6-2 Big Ten), 8:30 p.m. [ESPN]

Allstate’s “Mayhem” guy that is frequently seen in their commercials must have made an appearance on BCS Selection Sunday since both of these teams were sent to New Orleans to play in a BCS bowl game. The argument could be made that Michigan State or even Boise State were more deserving of a spot in this game than the Wolverines and Hokies, but the BCS has spoken and this is the matchup we get tonight.

On one…

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ESPN: Bring Your Kids!

When you read this column by John Canzano, I know some of you won’t care that ESPN bought exclusivity and if they were really using it the way they ought to, then maybe I wouldn’t have as much a problem with it either.

A lot of people look to ESPN as their number one source of sports news, which is understandable because it is easily accessed and it has all those characters you love so much. I also understand part of ESPN’s job is entertainment and I am not knocking their presentation. Like the column says, there are still a few good journalists left there but most have gone to other places. However, it does bother me when a professional (not a journalist I guess) like Kirk Heirbstreet has his kids there.

Make no mistake, what I do on this website isn’t exactly journalism either, but as a journalism major I do value things like integrity and facts…Kirk Heirbstreet may not be a journalist, but I thought he was a professional….Bringing your kids to a practice and letting them play with the players has got to be the least professional thing I’ve ever heard of in my short time in the media.

Some of it is sour grapes because ESPN got to stay, but he has a legitimate gripe about how the weekend worked out for journalists compared to ESPN employees.


Again, here is the column: http://www.oregonlive.com/sports/oregonian/john_canzano/index.ssf/2011/12/canzano_at_espn_money_talks_jo.html

Outback Bowl: Magic Michigan State vs. Georgia

Michigan State is magic. That’s the only way to describe what it has been doing for the better part of two seasons. Its not a team that will dominate you, heck you may be up by 16 at some point in the game. What Michigan State will do is more often than not, snatch a victory or overtime with a clock winding down. Michigan State just knows how to be good enough to get the job done, evidenced below .

The excitement of the last 40 seconds of the fourth quarter and triple overtime all in 3 minutes and 15 seconds.


Magic or Miracle? Hail Mary.


Little Brother? No, Little Giants.


I’m sure you get the point.

Spartans Look To Finish Season Strong

CBS Detroit

By FRED GOODALL/AP Sports Writer

TAMPA, Fla. (AP) – Losing the final game is tough for any team, especially one that’s had the type of success that led 12th-ranked Michigan State and No. 18 Georgia to the Outback Bowl.

BCS hopefuls until they lost the championship games of their conferences, the Spartans and Bulldogs are eager to rebound and finish on a winning note Monday.

Michigan State has dropped five consecutive bowl games, four of them under coach Mark Dantonio. Georgia is 7-3 in holiday appearances under Mark Richt, but hasn’t forgotten how it felt heading home following a disappointing loss to Central Florida in last season’s Liberty Bowl.

Neither team is dwelling on the importance of setting the tone for a successful 2012, though they concede the offseason won’t seem nearly as long coming off a win.

“I don’t think anybody enjoyed the last bowl game for us,” Richt…

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Buckeye Bowl Ban

The Columbus Dispatch is reporting the Ohio State Buckeyes have been handed down a bowl ban from the NCAA, and have been stripped of four more scholarships over the next three years. That also means the Buckeyes are out of the running for the BCS Title game as well as the Big Ten Title game in 2012.

New head coach Urban Meyer was aware of the possibility of further sanctions against his new team when he took the job.

“I just did a lot of research” before he took the job, Meyer said on Monday. “I contacted people outside of Ohio State before I accepted the position, some trusted people I have within the NCAA and other people that dealt directly with the NCAA,” he told the Dispatch.

What does this really mean? In 2012 the Buckeyes will only have one thing on their yearly checklist to play for, and it outranks all that other stuff any way.

The Michigan game will be the bowl game, the title game, and the Michigan game all rolled into one for the Buckeyes. That could make things interesting, in a year where OSU will have a less than team talent wise next season anyway.

What do you think? Is the bowl ban good or bad for next years Michigan/Ohio State game? Comment below, or Tweet me @R_Larimoresays


Saturday Sports Dump

Every Saturday morning you can find a hodgepodge of the thoughts rattling around in my head on some of the hot topics in the world of sports.


Have to start with a shout out to the Wayne State Warriors playing in the D-II National Championship game later this morning (11am ESPN2 or WatchESPN.com). The Warriors are a great example of why the NCAA fears a playoff in division I, (outside of them making boatloads of money the way its set up now) can you imagine what would happen if a team who wasn’t necessarily ranked arbitrarily No. 1 or 2 in the standings got a shot at winning a championship!?  (see every other sport) Anyway, certainly like a hot Warriors team to take Pittsburg State.

By the way, Pitt State’s nickname is the Gorillas, as in Magilla?


Detroit and Oakland will play in the “Blackhole” on Sunday at 4pm. I know attitude is everything, but is that ugly green baseball stadium really all that frightening? Sure there are a ton of men in make up, but let’s be honest; the most frightening thing in that Stadium are the rats I suspect roam the halls. IRONIC ALERT: The Team Al Davis overpaid for plays in the same stadium Moneyball started in.

Lions by a TD: 31-24


Jimmy Howard needs some love. I don’t care if he goes to the All Star game, but to not put him on the ballot is downright silly.  To be fair, fans in Detroit really aren’t giving him his due anyway…


I’ll watch when the league  lets the team in Washington be the “Bullets” again. If someone offs themselves while watching the NBA it won’t be because the team in Washington is nicknamed after a weapon, it will be because they root for a team in a small market.

best regards,

Fringe fan you didn’t even attempt to reach out to during your lock out that didn’t change a thing.


Tigers vs. Mud Hens!? IN TOLEDO? Awesome! Go Hens! (they pay some bills but if the Tigers are reading this, I’m all ears) Most interesting to see what team Brandon Inge strikes out for….Though he showed some BIG power over the left field fence at 5/3.