B1G to add Maryland and Rutgers

Like a lot of people, I see this simply as a money grab and a way to extend the B1G into the mass media markets on the East Coast.

I’m sure traditionalists will but up in arms about this move, because (and even I can see this) Maryland and Rutgers are just not up to the caliber of most B1G schools on a lot of levels.

This is the new college athletics landscape and it’ll take some getting used to… but my initial reaction, like many of you is:  “Meh.”

It’s not making what is currently a weak incarnation of the conference any more strong, but it could help in recruiting east coast talent both for Rutgers and Maryland, thanks to an improved competition level, and on a conference level thanks to exposure via the Big Ten Network and visiting schools.


A Truly Dizzying Intellect. (Lions Logic)

I am not usually a gut feeling kind of guy. I don’t ignore my gut, but I generally like to factor in numbers and history before making a prediction.

That just doesn’t feel right this game. HA!

The Lions are not the same old Lions….but this upcoming game with the Packers feels all too familiar.

Heading into the game, word on the street is that the Lions will probably get roasted, and who am I to argue? I ‘m the guy who thought the Packers without Matt Flynn was a lock, once upon a time. Boy did that blow up in my face.

Still, my internal optimism machine built with a Lions logo on it reminds me the Packers are missing significant pieces of their defensive backfield.

Stafford and Johnson could hook up a TON!

How can you pick against the Lions?

Wait!.. is Aaron Rogers still playing?

Hmm… Ya, he’s never been super successful against the Lions. In fact we’ve knocked him around pretty good.

They’ve lost to the Titans, so we know the Lions can’t be very smart.

but they beat up Michael Vick the Eagles, so the Lions must be a little bit strong.

So I can’t pick the Lions, because that’s what you expect me to pick!

But I can’t pick the Packers, because surely you thought I would pick against what I actually wanted to pick, so the pick that I pick can’t be the pick you thought I would pick.

You know what they say, never bet on the Lions when football is involved.

Therefore I pick the Lions, because I’ve spent years building up an immunity to them.

Lions 27, Packers 24.

And because I watched the Princess Bride a couple days ago.

The Results Are In…

Ya, ya.

I am on again off again with this sports-blog thing.


This isn’t going to be a post where I proclaim that Miguel Cabrera was the right or wrong choice.

Miguel Cabrera is the American League MVP and a lot of people aren’t happy. If you’re one of  ’em?  Deal with it.

I have a problem with the way we Americans seem to be doing things lately; whether it be elections, American idol, or picking MVPs in sports.

Why can’t we just let the debate be settled when the results are in?

I don’t need you to be happy with the choice, but stop trying to discredit the choice after it’s already been made. Prior to the election, vote, or game; debate the merits, skills, flaws– whatever — to your heart’s content. THAT’S rational.

When it’s over, it is over. Accept it. Move on.

It’s like when Michigan and Michigan State play. The day after the game there are people with the audacity to debate the results. Why even play the game if nobody on the other side ever has to eat the humble pie?

Back to baseball, There is not going to be a recount to re-decide the MVP. You made your case (a damn good case) for Mike Trout leading up to the vote.  The people who decide that award, decided something different from your opinion. You guessed it! Move on!

“Shaggy” Matt Culbreath, a good friend of mine, suggested perhaps Angels fans would consider a petition to secede from the American League… but I don’t think the Angels could hack it as their own  independent  baseball league.

Lidstrom a Bargain at 6.2 Million

There will be draft stuff up later!

For now..

I honestly don’t know how I didn’t think of this before. Thanks to Sean Baligian for helping to make this point that should be the be all, end all of Nick Lidstrom “hometown discount” arguments.

Find a player on the list of the highest paid defensemen in the NHL below that is a better bargain than Nick Lidstrom:

Here is a hint, YOU CAN’T!

Nick Lidstrom is still a top 5 D-man in the league and he is paid the 14th most in the league. So He is ALREADY taking a “hometown discount” playing at 6.2 million dollars.

So the folks asking him to take a “hometown discount” (who are most likely the same people calling him Nick Lindstrom) can rest assure that he IS giving a hometown discount, and has been for some time now.

Sure, It would be great if Nick decided to play for 3-4 million dollars, but that’s just unrealistic. You’re not going to get an (still) elite defenseman for the price of a slightly above average one.

Again, Find me a better bargain, find me a bigger discount.

Thanks to CapGeek.com for t his list:

Player Pos Team Age Length Amount

1. Ehrhoff, Christian » D BUF 29 10 $10,000,000
2. Chara, Zdeno » D BOS 35 7 $8,500,000
3. Keith, Duncan » D CHI 28 13 $8,000,000
4. Pronger, Chris » D PHI 37 7 $7,600,000
5. Weber, Shea » D NAS 26 1 $7,500,000
6. Campbell, Brian » D FLA 32 8 $7,142,875
7. Seabrook, Brent » D CHI 27 5 $7,000,000
8. Bieksa, Kevin » D VAN 30 5 $7,000,000
9. Wisniewski, James » D CLB 28 6 $7,000,000
10. Boyle, Dan » D SAN 35 6 $6,666,666
11. Bouwmeester, Jay » D CGY 28 5 $6,600,000
12. Phaneuf, Dion » D TOR 27 6 $6,500,000
13. Redden, Wade » D NYR 34 6 $6,500,000
14. Lidstrom, Nicklas » D DET 41 1 $6,200,000
15. Doughty, Drew » D LAK 22 8 $6,000,000
16. Markov, Andrei » D MTL 33 3 $5,750,000
17. Ohlund, Mattias » D TBL 35 7 $5,500,000
18. Komisarek, Mike » D TOR 30 5 $5,500,000
19. Gonchar, Sergei » D OTT 38 3 $5,500,000
20. Martin, Paul » D PIT 31 5 $5,500,000

This is a shame.


The referees for tonight’s Eastern Conference quarterfinal Game 7 between Boston and Washington are Stephen Walkom (#24) and Eric Furlatt (#27).

Working the lines will be Greg Devorski (#54) and Steve Barton (#59).


— Walkom’s one of the league’s most veteran officials. He formerly served as the NHL’s vice president and director of officiating before coming out of retirement in 2009. He’s since worked the 2010 and 2011 Stanley Cup finals.

— Along with Dan O’Halloran, Walkom called the somewhat-famous “infraction free” Game 7 between Boston and Tampa Bay in last year’s Eastern Conference finals.

From Bob Ryan of the Boston Globe:

This was not just a game of clean, breathtaking, exquisite hockey. It was a game of clean, breathtaking, exquisite, and penalty-free hockey.

That’s correct. Neither referee Dan O’Halloran nor referee Stephen Walkom saw the need to raise his right hand to signify an infraction. That’s because…

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