Your Thoughts: Zetterberg Still a Top-10 Forward?

It doesn’t seem like anybody has noticed…but Henrik Zetterberg is having his worst statistical season since his rookie year.  With Eight Goals and 24 assists through 44 games it certainly looks bad on paper.

Then again, the Wings haven’t been struggling and secondary scoring has certainly taken the burden off the superstar, but should Wings fans be worried about Zetterberg’s numbers? Is the 31-year old in what is essentially a lifetime contract still a top-10 forward in the NHL? Do you care if he’s considered a top-10 forward?

By the way Zetterberg hasn’t recorded a single point in the last three games (this was written before the Buffalo game, where he is almost certain to get a hat trick now).

It should also be noted that Valteri Filppula is finally having that break out season everyone has been calling for  his entire career, So could it just be a case of there just isn’t enough puck to go around?

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