End of the Year Top 10 List of Doom

What am I counting down? WHAT EVER I WANT TO COUNTDOWN!

10. The Lions Madden Controller was cute, but I couldn’t laugh at it because it misspelled “Weird” as w-i-e-r-d. I understand the “I” before “E” except after “C” should have come into play with this one, but it didn’t.

9. Tim Tebow and the New York Jets… Read: Back-up/3rd string QB and the second fiddle major market team or Publicity Stunt and the Guy who has a foot fetish.

8.Clear Channel is to Radio what Hostess is to the Twinkie.

7.Tomas Holmstrom still hasn’t announced his retirement.

6. Calvin Johnson’s record (Formerly Jerry Rice’s) should be no less respected than Barry’s. Hearing Detroit sports radio callers say it was easier made me wish Clear Channel owned both sports stations in town.

5.When the NHL returns it will be without Nick Lidstrom and you’re still mad he won’t take a hometown discount. Think we can convince him to be motivated play 50 some odd games?

4. Maybe I’ll just take a knee here.

3. Will the NHL or Fiscal Cliff get solved? Which do you think happens first?

2. The Ilitches are still filthy rich. Detroit and its government are just lousy at running a city. (duh)

1. The USA and Canada play Sunday Morning at 4:30am EST on NHL Network and NHL.com, and I plan to wake up/ stay up to watch. Your move lock-out.

0. That’s how many more Piston games I am going to watch this year.


Lidstrom a Bargain at 6.2 Million

There will be draft stuff up later!

For now..

I honestly don’t know how I didn’t think of this before. Thanks to Sean Baligian for helping to make this point that should be the be all, end all of Nick Lidstrom “hometown discount” arguments.

Find a player on the list of the highest paid defensemen in the NHL below that is a better bargain than Nick Lidstrom:

Here is a hint, YOU CAN’T!

Nick Lidstrom is still a top 5 D-man in the league and he is paid the 14th most in the league. So He is ALREADY taking a “hometown discount” playing at 6.2 million dollars.

So the folks asking him to take a “hometown discount” (who are most likely the same people calling him Nick Lindstrom) can rest assure that he IS giving a hometown discount, and has been for some time now.

Sure, It would be great if Nick decided to play for 3-4 million dollars, but that’s just unrealistic. You’re not going to get an (still) elite defenseman for the price of a slightly above average one.

Again, Find me a better bargain, find me a bigger discount.

Thanks to CapGeek.com for t his list:

Player Pos Team Age Length Amount

1. Ehrhoff, Christian » D BUF 29 10 $10,000,000
2. Chara, Zdeno » D BOS 35 7 $8,500,000
3. Keith, Duncan » D CHI 28 13 $8,000,000
4. Pronger, Chris » D PHI 37 7 $7,600,000
5. Weber, Shea » D NAS 26 1 $7,500,000
6. Campbell, Brian » D FLA 32 8 $7,142,875
7. Seabrook, Brent » D CHI 27 5 $7,000,000
8. Bieksa, Kevin » D VAN 30 5 $7,000,000
9. Wisniewski, James » D CLB 28 6 $7,000,000
10. Boyle, Dan » D SAN 35 6 $6,666,666
11. Bouwmeester, Jay » D CGY 28 5 $6,600,000
12. Phaneuf, Dion » D TOR 27 6 $6,500,000
13. Redden, Wade » D NYR 34 6 $6,500,000
14. Lidstrom, Nicklas » D DET 41 1 $6,200,000
15. Doughty, Drew » D LAK 22 8 $6,000,000
16. Markov, Andrei » D MTL 33 3 $5,750,000
17. Ohlund, Mattias » D TBL 35 7 $5,500,000
18. Komisarek, Mike » D TOR 30 5 $5,500,000
19. Gonchar, Sergei » D OTT 38 3 $5,500,000
20. Martin, Paul » D PIT 31 5 $5,500,000

Injured Wings’ Return Dates a Mystery

Not only are the Red Wings injured,  four of its eight injuries don’t really have a timeline, so it’s hard to say when they’ll be back. You have to imagine the guys who can go during playoff time will go, but it’s hard that doesn’t bode well for the Wings clawing into fourth for home ice against Nashville.

It seems like getting Nick Lidstrom back ASAP seems like the best possible move, but even in the Wings’ current situation it may be best to just wait till he’s 100 percent.  The Wing’s playoff picture isn’t getting any brighter, but at the moment, they are still a lock to be in.

“Expected Back” dates will be updated as information becomes available.


Jimmy Howard, groin: Day-to-day

Joey MacDonald, back:  ?

Nick Lidstrom, bruised ankle:  May return this weekend, Early next week.

Jonathan Ericsson, wrist: Late March/Early April

Jakub Kindl, Oblique: ?

Johan Franzen, back: ?

Darren Helm, MCL: 4-6 weeks

Patrick Eaves, Broken Jaw/ Concussion symptons:?