Eldred, Lightening in a Bottle?

Most of us didn’t think the Tigers would have problems hitting the ball this season, but even teams destined for greatness go through a dry spell once in a while. Not to mention a few questionable line up choices that I won’t mention.

Honestly, I try not to tout minor league prospects, working for the Mud Hens gives me a chance to see these guys everyday, but it also gives me an inflated idea of what these guys might be able to do.

This is a different case, because what this guy is doing is undeniably impressive, even at the minor league level.

So for a little offensive boost, I present to you the 31-year-old minor league phenom that is Brad Eldred.

No, I am not the first to bring up his name, but look at what this guy is doing!

Current Stats for Brad Eldred:

Avg    G   AB  R   H  HR  RBI  SO  OBP     SLG      OPS

.390  19  77  22  30 12    24    20  .442  1.000 1.442

Best Case/Worst case

The problem is that he is pretty much only a DH, so there isn’t really a spot to put him, but there are enough struggles in the line up that you could justify sitting somebody under the reason of “drastic times.”This is by no means a permanent fix!

Nobody should be worried about losing their spot on the roster to this guy long term.

Best case scenario is he comes up, hits like he has been in the minors for a week or two, and relieve a little pressure from the Tigers’ big bats. Guys get going  a little bit, Eldred cools off and you send him back down.

Worst case scenario is that he comes up and doesn’t hit in his first few at bats….So you send him back down.

Look up his history if you want, you won’t be impressed. It wouldn’t be a long term move anyhow, but he is seeing the baseball like it’s a beach ball in the bleachers at the old Tiger Stadium right now. Why not take a shot? What’s the worst that could happen, him hit .100?

By the way, he hit ANOTHER home run today. So make that 13 HRs in 20 games.


Prince Fielder


Not that Press conferences are ever the place to go to get real answers to hard hitting questions, but today’s press conference was a rough listen. I wasn’t looking for Prince to be grilled or anything like that, but I thought he’d get a few more serious questions.

Also, it was apparent who was out of place at that press conference.

Salary Cap? Can Jayden say something? Asking Dombroski a line up question?

There are some good sports reporters in this town that are also women, but those were none of them.

Not that the men did much better, though one of the better questions did have Lynn Henning calling Prince Fielder “husky” which I thought only applied to fat  eight year-old children.

Just Prince Fielder

Most of what has to be said about Prince Fielder  has been said about Prince Fielder. I’m not worried about his 9 year deal, I’m not worried about all the money he’ll make, and I am not worried about Miguel Cabrera playing third base. What I am MOST not worried about is Prince’s relationship with his dad. It’s nice that Prince grew up here, I know he hit home runs into the upper deck at Tiger Stadium when he was 12,  but truth be told I don’t care about any of that. I like Prince fielder coming to Detroit because he is a great hitter.

If I were the guy who needed a great feature story on those two, I would be digging there too.

But I’m not, so I don’t care.