Prince Fielder


Not that Press conferences are ever the place to go to get real answers to hard hitting questions, but today’s press conference was a rough listen. I wasn’t looking for Prince to be grilled or anything like that, but I thought he’d get a few more serious questions.

Also, it was apparent who was out of place at that press conference.

Salary Cap? Can Jayden say something? Asking Dombroski a line up question?

There are some good sports reporters in this town that are also women, but those were none of them.

Not that the men did much better, though one of the better questions did have Lynn Henning calling Prince Fielder “husky” which I thought only applied to fat  eight year-old children.

Just Prince Fielder

Most of what has to be said about Prince Fielder  has been said about Prince Fielder. I’m not worried about his 9 year deal, I’m not worried about all the money he’ll make, and I am not worried about Miguel Cabrera playing third base. What I am MOST not worried about is Prince’s relationship with his dad. It’s nice that Prince grew up here, I know he hit home runs into the upper deck at Tiger Stadium when he was 12,  but truth be told I don’t care about any of that. I like Prince fielder coming to Detroit because he is a great hitter.

If I were the guy who needed a great feature story on those two, I would be digging there too.

But I’m not, so I don’t care.