When the Chips are Down, Babcock Chooses Kindl

Maybe I am reading too much into this, but I find it really odd that tonight’s regular season match up is the biggest in a very long time and Mike Babcock is sitting Kyle Quincey.

Think about it, he’s “rushing” back Jimmy Howard for tonight’s game,  but sitting Kyle Quincey in favor of Jakub Kindl?

That means one of two things.

1. He’s trying to inject some confidence in Kindl’s game, by choosing him in the seasons biggest match up.

2. He sees Kyle Quincey playing Rover on defense and trusts Kindl more at this point.

Perhaps a little of both.

Is it too late to get that first round pick back?

Here is the Freep story by Helene St. Jameswith Babcock’s quotes on the situation.


Big Game for Red Wings

What does tonight’s game mean for the Red Wings? How much will this game effect the Wings’ performance in the playoffs?

Click the link to hear what I think about Red Wings vs. Predators , and leave your thoughts below, or on my facebook!


Slow sports day!

I am not a movie critic.

That being said I just got done with the cinematic genius that was the movie “Goon,” and I suggest it to any and everybody.

I was a little nervous when I heard Stiffler (Sean William Scott) was in this movie, but after a handful of my friends had seen it and praised it as a great movie I thought it was time to give it a shot.

It’s an hour and a half long, which is perfect for a guy like me, who doesn’t want to give movies much longer than that.

The movie is true to the game of hockey, and especially to the role of enforcer, and almost more important than that, it’s super entertaining. The camera work and lighting felt like you were at a real hockey rink, it doesn’t get all “Mighty Ducks” with odd spot lights and unrealistic hockey sequences. The fighting camera work is great too, because you feel like you are right there in the fight.

If coarse language doesn’t offend you, there are some really good one-liners.

There is enough movie in there to entertain a non-hockey fan and enough inside hockey stuff to entertain the die-hards. Tell a friend about this movie, and I suggest you watch it tonight (its ON-DEMAND) before it hits theaters tomorrow.

If Wins counted more in the NHL….

It is a shame that the NHL has devalued wins so much that teams with less wins than another team  are ahead of teams in the standings based on points. If you change this system to one based more on W’s than points, you don’t get a dramatic difference, but you do get an important difference.

Here is a look at the Current Playoff Picture:

1 x – NY Rangers 75 47 21 7 101 43 4 5
2 Boston 75 44 28 3 91 36 8 2
3 Florida 75 36 24 15 87 31 5 10
4 x – Pittsburgh 75 47 22 6 100 38 9 3
5 x – Philadelphia 76 44 24 8 96 40 4 6
6 New Jersey 76 42 28 6 90 31 11 4
7 Ottawa 77 39 28 10 88 34 5 4
8 Washington 76 38 30 8 84 36 2 4
Buffalo 76 37 29 10 84 30 7 6
Winnipeg 76 35 33 8 78 31 4 4
1 x – St. Louis 76 47 20 9 103 43 4 8
2 y – Vancouver 76 46 21 9 101 39 7 7
3 San Jose 76 39 27 10 88 31 8 5
4 x – Detroit 76 46 25 5 97 39 7 2
5 Nashville 76 44 24 8 96 40 4 5
6 Chicago 76 42 26 8 92 37 5 4
7 Dallas 76 41 30 5 87 34 7 4
8 Phoenix 77 37 27 13 87 31 6 10
Los Angeles 76 37 27 12 86 31 6 7
Colorado 78 40 32 6 86 31 9 2


Now, using the system of a Win=2 pts, and Loss=0 pts, here is what the playoff picture would look  like today, prior to Tuesday’s games.

   EAST          WEST

1.  NYR -94        STL-94

2. BOS-88          VAN-92

3. WSH-76         DAL-82

4. PIT-94           DET-92

5. PHL-88          NSH-88

6. NJ-84             CHI-84

7. OTT-78           SJ-78

8. BUF-74          COL-80

9. FLA -72         PHX-74

10. WP-70         LA-74

As you can see,  there are a few subtle differences, most notably at the third place spot in each conference.  Washington and Dallas each trail teams (FLA and SJ) they have more wins than. The same story at the bottom of the Western conference race. In the current system Colorado sits in 10th place,  despite having 3 more wins than the eighth and ninth place teams in the West.

The system that rewards zero points for a loss puts an emphasis back on getting the win when you head to overtime, whether it be on the road, at home, in the division or out of it. I believe this would lead to fewer shootouts because teams would open up play more in  OT, as opposed to sitting back and playing “not to lose.”  It is my hope when the league realigns, they also (and it has been brought up) consider giving teams more points for a win.

Conklin Clears Waivers

Conklin in Grand RapidsTy Conklin clears waivers and will start tonight in New York for the Detroit Red Wings, with Jordan Pearce on back up duty. If Conklin can stop the skid the Wings have been on, with an impressive performance (because that’s the only way the Wings will win tonight) perhaps Conklin can sneak back into that back up goalie position just before the playoffs begin next month.

Howard is day-to-day.

Conklin’s Numbers

TEAM         GP        W        L     GAA          SV%

DET              11          3         5     3.40          .878

GR                 12         8         4     2.40          .915

Tim Tebow to the Jets

Tim Tebow is traded to the Jets from the Broncos for fourth and sixth round picks in the 2012 draft.

The Jets now have Mark Sanchez, Drew Stanton, and Tim Tebow.  Drew Stanton and Tim Tebow are actually remarkably similar players…I don’t have to point out the difference between these two though, do I?  Are the Jets looking to start some double option here?

Also a lot of talk about Tebow being some kind of slash….Still leaving room for the straight up fullback option.

Obviously what I am saying is ludicrous..

Or is it?